Writing Event #13: The End

Welp, this is it, the end!

To be completely honest, my entrance in this class was not because I wanted to major in Theatre, but simply because I needed the credit. It was also pretty much one of the classes chosen for me, so that was a fun thing to witness. I’ve never been a huge theater buff, but I can definitely say I found a lot of enjoyment in the class, and this is probably the one I looked forward to a lot since it was the only one I had in-person. The contents, while different, kind of remind me of the structure of the Greek and Roman Myth class, learning about the history and foundations of each subject, although one is much less chronological than the other. For some reason I definitely get a kick out of history, so that was something I definitely enjoyed a lot. It was also nice to learn more about how thing actually worked. My sister was supposed to be in our high school’s production of Les Mis, but because of the pandemic, that idea was pretty much canned. I knew the bare minimum of the process, basic level thinking, but now I feel like I know a lot more about how everything goes together. If I’m being completely honest, I think that’s the one thing I’ll take away the most.

It kind of relates to how I write my own short stories and pieces; i you remove an essential aspect of the process, the final result isn’t going to work as well as you want it to. Just like you want your story to connect to the audience, it’s similar to the way an author wants to capture the reader’s attention with the story they want to tell. I’m not the most outspoken person, and I can tell you that I commend those whoa re able to craft something excellent, especially actors, because even though I’ve been in a good amount of plays when I was younger, I could never put myself out there without having a nervous breakdown. This class has definitely made me appreciate everything that goes into theatre, the good and bad of it all. It can come from the most unexpected places (yes, this is real and I’m all for it), and can bring opportunity to those who didn’t think it was possible before. Theatre is too passionate to die anytime soon, and the whole world is it’s audience!

With that, I guess you could say end scene.

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