Writing Event #3: “Theater is important because it touches the human soul.”

When it comes to theater, it’s something that many value in some form. It’s a form of expression, a medium to represent topics that are hard to touch upon. When actors are on a stage, the audience sees them as not just an actor, but a representation of something. To me, theater is an important medium to express emotion. That brings me to one simple quote: “Theater is important because it touches the human soul.”

This quote may seem simple on the surface, but there are many layers that lay beneath this. When it means the ‘human soul’, it refers to the emotions we feel. Whether it be learning to empathize with others, or understand the situation of another, theater can remind us of the highs and lows that come with our humanity. Love, tragedy, all sorts of things can be expressed to us on stage. In our lives, we feel all sorts of things. There can be good days, where it seems like everything is looking up and that the world can do no wrong. However, the lows can come just as quickly, whether it be through a rough family situation or a breakup of sorts. Through the happy and sad moments of our lives, we turn to different ways to cope, even if it won’t fix anything. Theater, and many other forms of art, are things we go to in order to capture that feeling, to know that in some capacity, we are not alone in a situation, and that art expresses the same emotions that we currently feel. Through a theatrical lens, we’re able to experience the journey of a character, whether it be realistic or not. It’s why some people tend to resonate with certain characters in plays, film, and many other mediums due to the fact that their journeys were able to strike a chord in the viewer.

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