Writing Event #4: Is there value in live theatre performances in the age of digital content so easily available?

In this age of isolation, theatre has come to a large halt. Not that it cannot thrive in this manner, but theatre has definitely been impacted greatly by the current situation the world is facing. However, with the emergence of digital media over the past few years, theatre has been given the opportunity to dive into the digital market, and with musicals such as Hamilton being incredibly successful on digital services, it begs the question: Can theatre still have just as much value in a digital setting as it does in a real-life setting. 

To be fair, the question varies based upon the individual. In my personal opinion, there’s value to be found in theatre from both directions, and can actually give two different perspectives of the same piece of art. For example, seeing a play live gives a more ‘authentic’ feeling when you see it for yourself. It’s definitely the most preferred way to view theatre, and it could have the most value, as living that experience can give a much larger appreciation for said piece. However, if a theatrical work has a digital version, or pro-cut available, it could give a completely new perspective of the work 

through different angles, and being able to focus on the expressions and work of those on stage. But, in the era of the digital age, theatre to me will always have value in the modern world, even with the current troubles of our current society. Although I do talk about Hamilton a lot when discussing these theatre reflections (despite not being the biggest fan of the musical), I discuss it very much because it’s digital success during the pandemic means that the appreciation for theatre is still alive. Even though we can’t see them currently, theatre is an art form that will keep evolving and growing with the digital era of life.

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