Writing Event #5: Will America ever have a National Theatre?

To put it simply: NO.

Now, that’s not to say that it can’t happen. In this world, anything is possible. We talk about things that according to our standards, realistically can’t happen. However, there are circumstances in which these sorts of events can become a reality, such as the event I’m specifying. If these sorts of organizations can happen in other plaes around the world, than it can surely be possible. It isn’t like people haven’t tried to orchestrate this sort of movement, and for a small amount of time, this idea lasted in the form of the Federal Theatre Project, an attempt to bring the values of Europe’s own theatre group to the United States in the mainstream. However, after four years, the Federal Theatre Project quickly faded into obscurity.

One of the biggest contributing factors to the group’s downfall at the time can be described by one word: Politics. Even in today’s society, the mention of politics can quickly tensions due to the many moral and political differences that we as a society face. Because of the slight political edge the group had, many people were not so keen about having political opinion shoved in their faces, especially those with opinions that opposed the group’s own. And in turn, if this were to attempt to turn up in our society today, people would definitely turn against this idea. Not to say that discussing politics in theatre isn’t allowed, but with the minimal knowledge I have in theatre, I can say that people nowadays would not go to see a play solely to witness one’s political agenda being pushed on them. It just wouldn’t work in as politically-driven the United States is, especially now.

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