Writing Event #6: The Responsibilities of COVID Drama

In the near future, it’s quite obvious that there will be stories, fictional or not, about the current pandemic crisis. I. myself have thought about the endless possibilites that one could make out of this event, whether it be a pandemic love story or a tragedy entailing one’s struggle contracting the virus itself. There is no doubt in my mind that slowly but surely, this will become a very prevalent topic in the years to come, especially for those who never lived during the time where the pandemic existed.

If there were ever works to come out revolving around the current pandemic, historically accurate or not, it would need these elements to make it work correctly:

1: Capture the uncertainties that came as a result of the pandemic.

  • To me, this is something that is very important to capture. Even if we say we don’t mind situations that are out of control, you can’t deny the impact it had on our lives. As humans, things that we used to do without a care in the world now seems impossible due to our current situation. Not saying we can’t do what we used to, as now in the further stages of the pandemic, we’re allowed to go back to some fo the things we’ve usually done to a certain degree. However, it’s out anxieties and uncertainties that have gravitated the situation to something unbelievable in our minds. These emotions need to be captured, and the audience needs to feel that with the characters. Why are they anxious about all of this? It’s something that needs to be understood, and that idea needs to be pushed full-force.

2: Allow the audience to understand the gravity of the pandemic itself, and why it’s important.

  • In a few years from now, many people will be born in a world post-pandemic, where they wouldn’t understand the gravity of it all as much as those who inherently lived through it all. For example, I was born in a post-9/11 world, about a year afterwards to be exact. While my parents have told me about how much that situation had changed the world, I don’t have as clear of an understanding due to the sole fact that I never lived through it. All I can really see the capture how that must have felt like are videos and pictures, and my parent’s accounts of that day. When acting in a play about the pandemic, the actors need to resonate why this mattered so much. Make the audience understand to their fullest potential on why they should care about what the characters are going through, and make them feel as if they’re part of that experience.

3: Finally, express the idea of this pandemic’s impact, and express the possibility of it happening again.

  • Now if there’s one thing I definitely do not wish upon humanity, it’s another pandemic. I don’t think anyone could’ve expect another one of these, and look where that brought us! Plays about the pandemic don’t just need to explain the overall impact, but also bring up the possibility of this happening again. We remembered the flu pandemic in 1918, and we didn’t exactly think that something like that would happen to us again. Now, we’re thinking about all sorts of possibilities, and we’re not exactly sure when everything will turn back to the way it was. If anything, it probably won’t be the same afterwards. I’m not saying to bring up this idea to make anybody panic, but more of a psychological question. Yes, it could happen someday in the future, but what would you, someone who’s probably never experienced this sort of hardship, do in this situation? You’ve learned about it in history books, and probably videos in the near future. What would you think, and how would you feel about it?

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