Writing Event #8: Impact of an Audience

When it comes to theatre, people will always find a way to view it, even if it’s through tactics in which no money could be spent. However, it’s no denying that the most preferred way to view theatre is with a live audience. Not only is watching theatre live a good way to support the actors involved, but many believe it gives a more fulfilling experience rather than simply watching it through a different medium, such as through a streaming service. Yes, you can connect to a piece of theatre watching it through a digital medium, but with the power of an audience, you’re able to experience the journey of select characters through a real lens.

For example, according to a video on the power of live theatre, through live theatre, we’re able to experience wrongness in real-time. When it comes to wrongness, it can be a certain issue that our current society isn’t keen on talking about. In the eyes of some, the situation can be just, while in the eyes of others could be considered immoral. Through watching the character’s journey with an audience, you’ll be able to reflect on your own morals and views on the subject, or life itself. For example, if you laugh at a specific part in which the members of the audience do not feel the same way, it could cause you to think about whether your mindset could be correct or not.

Another quote from the same video dictates that “the lessons of theatre might just be how we make sense of ourselves,” and when it comes to theatre, this quote rings true. As I specified earlier, through watching theatre live, we’re able to be shown a character’s journey in real-time, and personally, I believe we’re able to connect to them more watching theatre with an audience. The audience is able to connect together watching the struggles and triumphs of multiple characters, and after the play, while their views might not change, it could give audience members a new perspective on a topic that they could have little experience with head-on. We experience theatre to gain a perspective of the emotions of others, even if the people on stage aren’t real. We know what we’re seeing is just a work of fiction, but if we’re able to learn more about the world and ourselves, then maybe there’s more value in the theatre experience than what meets the eye. I remember seeing the Aladdin musical live, and while it’s a retelling of a story I’ve already seen translated in another format, it gave me a new and humorous perspective on a story I’ve known for many years. Whether it be comedic or dramatic, watching live theatre can give you not only an immersive experience, but a valuable one at heart.

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