Writing Event #9: Content Warning in Theatre

When it comes to many things in modern society, the concept of triggers has become extremely prominent. A trigger itself can be something that could evoke negative feelings in someone, and the term is mostly used when it comes to physical and mental health. Triggers can be different for everyone, so when it comes to these kinds of warnings in many different mediums, it can be a bit difficult to determine whether the contentts of a piece are heavy enough to display a trigger warning.

If a play contains heavy context regarding a subject that could make people uncomfortable or trigger then, it’d obviously be sensible to display a trigger warning for those who will react negatively to the subject matter itself. However, if a theatrical production only touches upon a subject lightly, then is it worthy of a trigger warning in the first place? Personally, it all depends on whether you think it’s worthy. If it’s only something small, maybe someone would think that there’s no reason for it to be displayed if it only plays a minor role; however, there could be those who think otherwise and display one regardless of the role it plays.

Either way, I believe that it’s still important to take these actions into consideration whether you find it to be important or not. Everyone in the audience is a different person, and you don’t know what a person has gone through in the past and the present. Despite the way your intentions go, someone is bound to respond negatively to a piece of work no matter what it’s about. It all comes down to one’s stance on the subject, but it’s still something that should be considered in theatre, especially when it comes to plays and musicals that rely on heavy topics for it’s storytelling.

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